Crochet a Handle Into Your Crocheted Purse

How to Crochet a Handle into Your Crocheted Purse

I love crocheting purses, but in the beginning, figuring out how to handle the handle was my biggest obstacle. I tried a few methods before I landed on this one and liked the results. Adding a handle to your crocheted purse doesn’t have to be hard. You can crochet the handle yourself, or buy a store-bought version that you can easily incorporate into your project.

Showing you seemed easier than trying to explain the process in words, so I created a short YouTube video for you to watch. Hopefully once you see how easy it is to do this, you will want to try crocheting a purse of your own! I have plenty of patterns for you to try!

Crochet a Handle Into Your Crocheted Purse

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Watch me crochet a handle into a crocheted purse.

Happy Crocheting,

~ Lisa