Crochet Party!

Somehow I was blessed to find a good friend who loved to crochet as much as I did. We got together at one of our houses one weekend to sit and visit and crochet together (with snacks of course!) Another mutual friend wanted to learn to crochet so we invited her to come over too. Our friend (a leftie) picked up on the art quickly and our “Crochet Party” tradition was born.

Over the years, we have added other crochet addicts to the group. (To join us, you have to be able to cook too because tasty snacks and desserts at crochet night are very important fuel for our work.) This picture of ham and cheese sandwiches is just one of the many delicious dishes we ate that night.

We bring our yarn and usually get a little work done on our latest project, but mostly we talk, share about life, offer support and sometimes advice, and just relax and be real. Every woman needs a sisterhood, and we found ours through crocheting. Just one of the reasons I love this artform!

Crochet Party

Happy Crocheting!

~ Lisa