Crocheting in the Cold

It’s freezing outside today — like sub-zero. And the wind … well, it’s whistling so hard through my bedroom windows they sound like they are screaming in pain. The schools were closed, and the dog refuses to go outside. So, obviously, I’m not terribly eager to leave the house either. I lit a fire in the fireplace to help the overworked furnace and I’m settling beside it in my comfy recliner to crochet. But what to make ….

I finished up my latest project. I call it the Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote. It’s made from Sinfonia, which is available in about 10 colors at Hobby Lobby, and has a unique closure.

Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote
Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote

The pattern will be available in a couple of weeks on my site. But while I’m finishing the work on that one, I’m itching to start another project. All this cold weather has me thinking of ponchos or wraps, something to add a layer of warmth. Now to hunt up a warm, cozy yarn to make it with.

UPDATE: The pattern is now available here