Rippled Shells Crocheted Purse Pattern

New Purse Crochet Pattern!

There’s a new purse pattern available
from Fun Crochet Designs!

aquarspurseI’ve been crocheting this purse for years! In fact, I have one in black that I’ve carried forever.

I’ve wanted to get this pattern cleaned up, tested, and formatted in a way that other people can understand, and this month, I finally made that a priority. So …

Introducing the Rippled Shells Purse!

countryblueshellspurseThe variation on a shell stitch in this pattern is one of my favorites! The shell stitch is soft and feminine, and when you add the additional layer of texture in this shell variation, you get a pattern full of undulating waves and a scallop along the top edge. Beautiful!

For more information about materials used, construction, and what’s involved, visit this page.

The Rippled Shells Purse Pattern