Cabin Fever

Today marks Day 12 of my captivity.

Okay, so I’m not exactly a captive. Just cooped up. The weather pummeled us for nearly a week, making it extremely unpleasant, if not impossible, to go out most days. Then, just as the storms broke and the roads were finally clear, I come down with a respiratory thing, and I’m only comfortable next to the vaporizer with a box of tissues and a package of cough drops within reach. Going very far from home is not a serious option.

So I’m exploring my inner hermit this week and working on a few crochet projects. I’ve revamped most of my website pages … just a few more to go. And I’ve started a new lapghan project from some rusty terra cotta colored yarn I had bought a few months ago. I’m using the moss stitch and loving how that looks. The moss stitch creates a nice tight weave, which means warm! And the stitch is reversible, so texture on both sides of the afghan. Here’s a picture of the work in progress:

Moss Stitch

Also, I found some cute patterns for hood / cowl combinations on Etsy, and I’m trying one of those. It’s about half done. I think it will come in handy if the weather keeps being ridiculous. Will post pics of that when I have it done. Hopefully by then, the end of my nose will no longer be bright red from blowing. 🙂

Stay warm and happy crocheting!

~ Lisa