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Baby Bunnies

Is there anything cuter than baby bunnies? I accidentally scared this little guy out of my Lillies last spring when I went out to clean up the deadfall. He and his brothers and sisters went running in every direction while I stood there hollering for my husband. As hubby came out of his workshop, one …

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Sewing Day

My Christmas sale went well and I was able to find homes for most of my remaining inventory of small purses, but that means I need to restock for next year’s shows and events. My favorite thing to make is my coin purses and clutches. And is it any wonder? Look at all these yummy …

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Cabin Fever

Today marks Day 12 of my captivity. Okay, so I’m not exactly a captive. Just cooped up. The weather pummeled us for nearly a week, making it extremely unpleasant, if not impossible, to go out most days. Then, just as the storms broke and the roads were finally clear, I come down with a respiratory …

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