Free Crocheted Jewelry Tray Pattern

Crocheted Jewelry Tray Pattern

Free Crocheted Jewelry Tray Pattern

Protect your dresser top and your jewelry from scratches with one of these easy-to-make Crocheted Jewelry Trays!

About a year and a half ago, I graduated to fully adult status and purchased a matching bedroom set. Headboard, bedside tables, dresser, and media cabinet, all in a style and color I LOVE! Yay! It only took my 25 years of adulthood to get the money and a bedroom large enough for a whole set of nice furniture. 🙂 Maybe I’m a late bloomer. Not sure.

But anyway, the new furniture brought with it a new set of concerns. I suddenly found myself obsessing about keeping the dresser top scratch free. Since I like to take off my jewelry and set it on the corner of the dresser for quick retrieval the next day, I was concerned that a sharp edge on a ring or the back post of an earring would leave its mark on the dresser top. And remember … I waited 25 years, so I claim the right to a have little OCD in this area.

Last week, I got tired of worrying about the problem and decided to solve it. I went to my craft room and dug through my stash and came out with a roll of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick that was begging to be given a purpose. A half hour later, I had a pretty little jewelry tray to keep my rings and dresser top safe from one another.

Made with Super Bulky yarn, you can whip one of these up from just a bit of leftover yarn, and it takes less than 20 minutes. Don’t have super bulky yarn sitting around? Use three strands of a worsted weight yarn to get a comparable size.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pattern. For a convenient PDF copy of the pattern you can print (PLUS access to all the patterns in my FREE pattern library) click the link below!

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