Crocheting Season!

I’ve noticed a cool nip in the air the last week or so, especially at night. For me that cold breeze is a call to crocheting!

Crocheting for me is somewhat seasonal. During the summer, there is so much to do outdoors. Planting gardens, pulling weeds, landscaping, and mowing the yard. Summer chores get me up and out of the house, and the longer hours of daylight keep me moving until late in the day. I just don’t seem to have as much time to crochet when the weather is warm and the sun is bright. And besides, I find crocheting makes me hot. With all that yarn draped across my lap, I get too warm on hot summer days and just won’t sit still for very long.

But when the cooler weather rolls in, I start to get the urge to pick up my hook more often and make something creative from a skein of yarn. I love to sit by the fireplace on a cold winter’s day with an afghan-in-progress draped across my lap and some hot tea on the coffee table beside me. The urge to go outside leaves me completely when the snow starts falling and big drifts blow across my yard and driveway. I’d rather hibernate inside, using my time to be domestic and creative.

Fall and winter are also craft show season for me. I can only allow my creations to stack up in my crochet/sewing room for so long before I need to find homes for them. So I sign up for some holiday season craft shows and display my wares. I’ll be at the Milford Craft Bazaar on November 21, 2015 if you are in that area and feel like stopping in. I’ve made lots of coin purses, clutches, and purses that would make great Christmas gifts for the ladies in your life.

DSC07873Raised Diamonds ClutchWicker Weave Coin PurseSimply Sweet Clutch

After the show, I plan to list the remaining stock on my site so anyone who can’t make it to the show can shop.

Happy Crocheting!

~ Lisa