Peppermint Boots

It’s cold here in North America in the winter, and my tile floors are frigid enough to turn my toes into popsicles. Worse, if my feet are too cold for too long, I get toe cramps. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Then I have to all kinds of weird dance moves and contortions, trying to bend my toes back toward my feet to get the cramp to release. While these crazy antics are usually mildly entertaining to my husband, I find it annoying. So, to combat cold feet I made these:

Peppermint Boots

I found a free pattern online for these boots. I didn’t have the yarn they recommended on hand, so I pulled what I did have out of my stash and experimented. I used a Redheart in a off white color and the red is I Love This Yarn brand.

I had to reduce the number of starting chains for the boot a bit because my yarn was heavier than the one they recommended, making my chain too long. That meant adjusting the pattern all the way through but the extra work was worth it. I love how they turned out.

They keep my toes snug and I can wear them into bed if I want, unlike my house slippers which are just too stiff and shoe-like to sleep in. And in red and white they remind me of peppermints and Christmas. 🙂 Feeling kinda festive in my latest crochet project!

What is your latest project? Share and inspire us!

Happy crocheting!

~ Lisa